Approved Aircraft for Sale

Sadly I have no aircraft for sale at present.  If you are after a particular type of aircraft, do please let me know, so I can keep a good look out for you as I travel the country.    


 Quantum 15 - 462   G-MZDY   £3,750      SOLD          

 A very clean and little used Pegasus Quantum 462.

Built in October 1996, with only 218 airframe hours and 222 hours engine use, this aeroplane appears to have spent most of its life de-rigged and stored somewhere nice and dry when not in (occasional) use.

The aircraft is in date for maintenance (airframe and engine) with engine compressions and bearing clearances all ‘in spec’. There are no mods fitted to it, and you need to pull on the rope to start the engine (which it does quite readily! 😊).

Since recent arrival at RKAT Ltd HQ the aeroplane has been treated to a general clean-up (not that much to do), replacement wing batten elastics, exhaust shotblast and recoat (OEM product used), Engine coolant replacement, front fork service and a replacement nosewheel tyre.

The aeroplane will be supplied with a freshly revalidated permit to fly, trailer and trike cover.

This is a delightful back to basics second generation flex-wing microlight that has many years’ service left in it. Light weight and quite fuel economic (for a two-stroke), and it’s a Quantum – so easy-peasy to rig and de-rig without tools or assistance.

As the saying goes. Grab yourself a BARGAIN!







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